How to Qualify for Facebook Instant Articles

In an era where content is king, speed and accessibility have become paramount. Facebook Instant Articles stands as a potent tool for publishers and content creators to deliver their stories swiftly and seamlessly to a vast, global audience.

However, access to this platform is not automatic; it requires adherence to certain criteria and guidelines set forth by Facebook. If you are eager to join the ranks of publishers harnessing the benefits of Instant Articles, you have come to the right place.

Navigate the steps to qualify for Facebook Instant Articles, offering you a roadmap to maximize your reach, engage your audience, and streamline the content delivery process on one of the world’s most prominent social media platforms.

Let’s embark on this journey together, ensuring your content not only captivates but also loads instantly for your readers.

How to Qualify for Facebook Instant Articles

  1. Create High-Quality Content: Ensure that your website or blog consistently produces high-quality content. This content should be original, informative, and engaging for your audience.
  2. Comply with Facebook’s Content Policies: Familiarize yourself with Facebook’s content policies, including community standards and advertising policies. Ensure that your content adheres to these guidelines to avoid any issues during the approval process.
  3. Build a Mobile-Responsive Website: Your website must be mobile-responsive to provide a seamless experience for users on mobile devices. Ensure that your site’s design and layout are optimized for mobile viewing.
  4. Implement Facebook’s Basic Page Requirements: To qualify for Instant Articles, you need to have a Facebook Page. Make sure your Facebook Page is in good standing and complies with Facebook’s Page guidelines.
  5. Generate Traffic and Engagement: Build a significant following on your Facebook Page and website. Facebook may require you to have a minimum number of followers or page views to qualify for Instant Articles. Encourage user engagement by posting regularly and interacting with your audience.
  6. Create an RSS Feed: You’ll need an RSS feed for your website. Ensure that it’s properly formatted and up-to-date, as Facebook will use this feed to import your content.
  7. Set Up Instant Articles: Go to the Facebook Instant Articles configuration page (usually within the Publishing Tools section of your Page) and follow the setup instructions. You’ll need to connect your website and RSS feed to your Facebook Page.
  8. Format Your Articles: Format your articles according to Facebook’s Instant Articles format guidelines. This may involve adjusting your images, formatting text, and adding interactive elements such as videos and audio.
  9. Submit for Review: Once you’ve set up Instant Articles and formatted your content, submit your articles for review. Facebook will review your content and ensure that it complies with their policies and guidelines.
  10. Wait for Approval: Facebook’s review process may take some time. Be patient and continue to produce high-quality content while you wait for their response.
  11. Comply with Monetization Policies (Optional): If you plan to monetize your Instant Articles through Facebook Audience Network, make sure you comply with their monetization policies. This includes adhering to ad placement guidelines and not using deceptive practices.
  12. Monitor Performance: After approval, monitor the performance of your Instant Articles. Use Facebook’s analytics tools to track metrics such as traffic, engagement, and revenue (if applicable).


As we conclude this journey through the qualification process for Facebook Instant Articles, you should now possess a clear understanding of the steps and requirements necessary to harness the power of this platform. Facebook Instant Articles offers a unique opportunity to enhance your content delivery, engage your audience, and extend your reach to a global scale.

Remember that the road to qualification begins with the creation of high-quality, engaging content and compliance with Facebook’s policies and guidelines. Building a responsive website, cultivating a dedicated audience, and adhering to best practices in content formatting are all pivotal components of your success.

Once you have gained access to Facebook Instant Articles, the journey continues. Consistently providing value to your audience, monitoring performance, and staying updated on evolving trends will be essential to making the most of this powerful publishing tool.

In the dynamic world of digital content, Instant Articles equips you with the means to stay ahead of the curve. Whether you’re a seasoned publisher or just beginning your content creation journey, the ability to deliver your stories faster and more efficiently can make all the difference.

So, as you embark on this exciting chapter, remember to keep your audience at the forefront of your efforts, innovate, and never stop creating. With dedication and adherence to best practices, your qualification for Facebook Instant Articles can be the catalyst for a thriving digital presence and a wider-reaching impact. Your content is poised for instant success.

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