How I Recovered The Facebook Dating App After It Stopped Showing Up

How I Recovered The Facebook Dating App After It Stopped Showing Up

In the world of online dating, convenience is key. So, when my Facebook Dating app suddenly disappeared from my profile one day, I was left scratching my head.

I had been enjoying the ease of connecting with potential matches through the app, and its sudden disappearance was a bit of a shock. But instead of panicking, I decided to take a proactive approach to recover it.

How I Recovered The Facebook Dating App After It Stopped Showing Up

Recovering the Facebook Dating app after it stopped showing up was a bit of a hassle, but the key was persistence and a systematic approach to troubleshooting.

Whether it’s a technical glitch or an issue with your settings, there’s often a solution to be found if you are willing to put in the effort to troubleshoot and, of course, a little bit of patience.

Here’s how I managed to bring back the Facebook Dating app.

Check for Updates: The first thing I did was to ensure that my Facebook app was updated to the latest version. Sometimes, issues with certain features can be resolved simply by keeping the app up-to-date. So, I went to my app store, searched for Facebook, and hit the ‘Update’ button.

Reboot the App: After updating Facebook, I reopened the app and checked for the Dating feature. Still, it wasn’t there. So, I decided to give it a hard reboot. I closed the app completely, cleared it from my recent apps, and then reopened it. Sometimes, this simple step can resolve minor glitches.

Reinstall Facebook: When the reboot didn’t work, I decided to take more drastic measures. I uninstalled the Facebook app from my device and then reinstalled it. This can help clear out any cached data or corrupted files that might be causing the issue.

Check Account Settings: While waiting for the reinstallation, I decided to check my Facebook account settings. I made sure that I met all the requirements for using the Facebook Dating feature, such as being over 18 years old and having a complete Facebook profile.

Location and Language Settings: Facebook Dating may not be available in all regions, and sometimes, language settings can affect its visibility. I made sure my device’s location settings were accurate, and that my Facebook app was set to the language I preferred.

Contact Support: If none of the above steps worked, I decided to reach out to Facebook support. I found the ‘Help and Support’ section in the app and submitted a request explaining the issue. While it might take some time to get a response, it’s worth trying if nothing else works.

Wait Patiently: Sometimes, app features may temporarily disappear due to server-side issues or updates being rolled out gradually. In such cases, patience is essential. I kept an eye on the app store for any updates and periodically checked my Facebook profile for the Dating feature.

Network and Device Troubleshooting: I also considered that the issue might be related to my network or device. I ensured that my internet connection was stable and tried accessing Facebook Dating from different devices to see if the problem persisted.

After a few days of trying these steps, I finally saw the Facebook Dating app reappear on my profile. It turned out that there had been a minor glitch on Facebook’s end, and the issue resolved itself without any further intervention on my part.

Why is Facebook Dating not Showing? – How to Activate Facebook Dating

The reason you can not access Facebook dating app can be caused by the following;

Regulatory Restrictions:

Regulations are one of the main reasons Facebook Dating might not be available in your nation. Because Facebook is a global platform, online dating is governed by the rules and regulations of the many nations.

Facebook might not be accessible in some nations due to their severe data protection and user safety rules, which Facebook may not be able to meet.

Limited Market Demand:

Due to a small market for the service, Facebook Dating might not be accessible in your nation. Facebook Dating is not a key feature, therefore the firm might introduce it first in nations with a lot of interest in online dating services.

Facebook may decide not to introduce Facebook Dating in your nation if there is a little online dating market there.

Cultural and linguistic barriers:

Facebook Dating uses a powerful algorithm to connect users with possible relationships by matching user data. Yet, it can be difficult to accurately match users from other nations due to linguistic and cultural obstacles.

Facebook might decide not to roll out Facebook Dating in nations where there are major linguistic and cultural obstacles that could detract from the user experience.

Technological Difficulties:

Globally, Facebook is a huge platform with billions of users. A large amount of technological infrastructure and resources are needed to launch a new service like Facebook Dating.

Facebook Dating might not be available in some nations due to a lack of the requisite technical infrastructure.


Last but not least, Facebook can decide not to roll out Facebook Dating in nations where there is a lot of competition from other online dating services.

In some nations, Facebook might not be able to successfully compete with established dating sites, making the launch of Facebook Dating unprofitable.

How to Activate Facebook Dating

The procedure of enabling Facebook Dating is straightforward and only requires a few quick steps. We will walk you through the procedure of turning on Facebook Dating for your account and how to create a Facebook dating profile. The procedures are listed below.

Step 1: Verify Your Eligibility

You must first confirm that the feature is accessible in your nation before you can enable Facebook Dating on your account. Now, Facebook Dating is accessible in over 20 nations, including most of Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States. You can move on to the following step if you reside in one of these nations.

Step 2: Update your Facebook app

Update your Facebook app to the most recent version in the following step. Only the most recent version of the app is compatible with Facebook Dating, so be sure to update it before continuing.

Step 3: Create a dating profile

You can make a second dating profile after you have updated your Facebook application. Go to your Facebook app and tap the three lines in the top right corner of the screen to establish a dating profile.

Choose “Dating” from the menu, and then click “Get Started.” To create your dating profile, simply follow the directions. Basic details like your name, age, gender, and location are required of you.

To assist other users get to know you better, you can also include images and respond to a few questions. Continue reading to see the procedure on how to create a Facebook profile below.

Step 4: Edit your dating profile

You can edit your dating profile after you’ve built it by including more details about yourself. You can include information about your hobbies, interests, and partner preferences. Also, you have the option to reveal or conceal details like your age or location.

Step 5: Employ the Extra Features

A number of extra features are also included in Facebook Dating to aid users in finding good matches and developing deep connections. These qualities consist of:

Secret Crush: You can add up to nine Facebook friends or Instagram followers to a private list using the function called Secret Crush. You’ll know you have a crush on each other if one of those persons also adds you to their private list.

Events and Groups: You may view upcoming events on Facebook Dating and join groups that interest you. Also, you may view other people who have joined the same groups or sent the same RSVPs to events.

Virtual Dates: The video chat function in Facebook Dating enables users to go on virtual dates with their matches without ever leaving the app.

Step 6: Starting Matching

You can begin matching with other people once your dating profile is created. According to your choices and interests, Facebook Dating will recommend suitable matches. You can message someone and strike up a chat if you find someone you like.

How to Create Facebook Dating Profile

Making a Facebook Dating profile is a quick and easy procedure that only requires a few simple steps. Yet it’s crucial to take the time to create a profile that honestly conveys who you are and what you desire in a partner. 

The procedure to create a profile is written down below.

Access Facebook Dating

On your mobile device, launch the Facebook app, then tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen to begin. To use Facebook Dating, scroll down and select “Dating.” You will be asked to establish a dating profile if you haven’t already.

Create a Basic Profile

Setting up the foundation of your profile is the first thing you must accomplish. You will be asked to provide information about your location, a photo, your gender, and any other genders you’re interested in.

You can also include a bio that provides information about you and the kind of relationship you’re seeking. Remember that your Facebook Dating profile is distinct from your regular Facebook profile, so any modifications you make there won’t appear on your Dating profile.

Use a recent photo that accurately reflects who you are when choosing one for your dating profile. You can post up to nine photos to your profile, so think about mixing some selfies together with pictures of you having fun.

Be open and honest about who you are and what you’re searching for in your bio. This will help weed out those who aren’t a good fit for you and draw in more people who are.

Add More Profile Information

You’ll be prompted to add more information once you’ve completed setting up the essentials of your profile. Your height, education, occupation, religion, and other information are among these specifics.

Prompts are quick questions that ask you to share more about yourself and can be added to your profile. For instance, a prompt might request that you share your preferred vacation spot or go-to karaoke tune.

Please be truthful and detailed when filling out this information. This will enable potential partners to learn more about you and assess whether you are a good match for them.

Modify your preferences

You can change your Facebook Dating preferences to make sure that you only see potential matches who fit your criteria. Based on factors like your location, age group, height, and more, you can modify your preferences. Additionally, you can specify which groups or interests you want to be shown matches from.

It’s crucial to be practical when establishing your preferences. While having deal-breakers is acceptable, being overly specific can reduce the number of potential matches.

Review your privacy settings

Before finalizing your profile, it’s important to review your privacy settings. Facebook Dating allows you to pick who can see your profile and who you’re shown to.

You can opt to show your profile to everyone who uses Facebook Dating or limit it to select categories, such as friends or friends. You can also restrict anyone from seeing your profile or reporting any questionable activity.

Add Secret Crushes

One of the unique aspects of Facebook Dating is Secret Crush, which allows you to select up to nine Facebook friends or Instagram followers on whom you have a crush on. You’ll both be informed that you have a crush on each other if one of those persons also adds you to their list of Secret Crushes.

A fun method to perhaps connect with someone you already know and are interested in is by adding Hidden Crushes. Yet, it’s crucial to only add those who you genuinely find attractive and who you believe might be interested in you.

Beginning Swiping

Being able to interact with people who share your interests and are looking for a relationship through Facebook Dating may be an exciting and gratifying experience.

You may improve your chances of making a genuine connection by taking the time to create a thoughtful and honest profile and by following these steps.

To guarantee that you are only presented possible matches that fit your criteria, keep in mind to select a recent and correct photo, be truthful and detailed about your hobbies and what you are searching for, and alter your preferences and privacy settings.

Additionally, Facebook Dating includes exclusive features like Hidden Crush, which can make the experience more enjoyable. Yet, it’s crucial to only add those who you genuinely find attractive and who you believe might be interested in you.

Setting up a Facebook dating profile is an easy process that might result in intriguing new connections and prospective partnerships. Thus, don’t be reluctant to give it a shot.

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