Facebook Dating on Desktop and Mobile

Are you ready to embark on a new journey of love and connection? Say hello to Facebook Dating, where meaningful relationships begin! Whether you are looking for a lifelong partner, a new friend, or someone special to share your life with, we have got you covered on both desktop and mobile.

🖥️ On Desktop:

Discovering love has never been easier with Facebook Dating on your computer. You can explore profiles, engage in meaningful conversations, and connect with potential matches right from the comfort of your desktop. Swipe, like, and chat with the click of a mouse, all while enjoying the full-screen experience.

📱 On Mobile:

Take your search for love on the go with Facebook Dating on your mobile device. Our user-friendly app allows you to access your dating profile anytime, anywhere. You can use features like Secret Crush, share your interests, and connect with people who share your passions with a simple swipe or tap.

Facebook Dating: Find Love on Desktop and Mobile

With a growing community of genuine singles and a commitment to privacy and safety, Facebook Dating is designed to help you make meaningful connections with people who matter. Say goodbye to endless swiping and hello to a more personalized dating experience.

Get ready to explore the world of dating in a whole new way. Join us on Facebook Dating today, and let your journey to love and connection begin!

Facebook Dating on Desktop

  1. Accessing Facebook Dating on Desktop:

    • Users can access Facebook Dating by logging into their Facebook accounts on a desktop or laptop computer. It is integrated into the Facebook platform, so there’s no need to download a separate app.
  2. Creating a Dating Profile:

    • To get started, users need to opt into Facebook Dating by creating a separate dating profile. This profile is distinct from their regular Facebook profile, and information from their main profile is not automatically shared.
  3. Profile Setup:

    • Users can add photos and answer questions to build their dating profile. These questions are designed to help match individuals with similar interests and values.
  4. Matching and Recommendations:

    • Facebook Dating uses its algorithm to suggest potential matches based on the information provided in the dating profile and the user’s Facebook activity. Users can browse through these recommendations and indicate their interest by liking or commenting on profiles.
  5. Conversations:

    • If two users express mutual interest in each other’s profiles, they can start a conversation through the messaging feature within the dating platform.
  6. Privacy and Safety Features:

    • Facebook Dating includes safety features such as the ability to share plans for a date with a trusted friend, report and block users, and limit the sharing of personal information.
  7. Events and Groups Integration:

    • Facebook Dating can suggest matches from the same events or groups that users are part of, which can help facilitate meaningful connections based on shared interests.

Facebook Dating on Mobile

  1. Accessing Facebook Dating on Mobile:

    • Facebook Dating is accessible through the Facebook mobile app. Users can find it in the menu as a separate tab.
  2. Creating and Managing a Dating Profile:

    • Similar to the desktop version, users need to set up a dating profile on their mobile devices. They can add photos, answer questions, and provide information about themselves.
  3. Matching and Swiping:

    • Users can browse through potential matches by swiping left to pass or right to indicate interest. Mutual interest between two users results in a match, allowing them to start a conversation.
  4. Location-Based Matching:

    • Mobile devices allow Facebook Dating to utilize location data, helping users find matches in their vicinity.
  5. Integration with Messenger:

    • Conversations with matches on Facebook Dating take place within the Messenger app, offering a familiar chat interface for users.
  6. Additional Features:

    • Mobile users may have access to additional features that leverage the capabilities of smartphones, such as sending photos and voice messages.


Facebook Dating on both desktop and mobile platforms aims to provide users with a safe and convenient way to explore potential romantic connections within the Facebook ecosystem.

Keep in mind that the availability and specific features of Facebook Dating may vary by region, and it’s essential to refer to Facebook’s official documentation or the app itself for the most up-to-date information and features.

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